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NM Election Alphabet

The SOS held its randomization of the New Mexico Election Alphabet on January 15, 2021. We are working on posting the webinar on our website. Until then, please find the determined alphabet below.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1)      This alphabet does not apply to candidates selected by state convention pursuant to NMSA 1978, Section 1-8-21.1. Their ballot order is selected by the party in descending order of votes received at the state convention.

2)      The names of candidates for the same office will be ordered based upon the first letter in each candidate’s last name according to the order of letters. When two or more candidates for the same office share the same first letter in each candidate’s last name, the order of the candidate names is resolved by applying the New Mexico election alphabet to each subsequent letter in each candidate’s last name until a discernment can be ascertained between candidate names.

3)      As defined in rule,  “Candidate name” means the name listed on the candidate’s certificate of registration and disregarding any punctuation forming a part of a candidate’s name. So that means if you have a hyphenated last name, your ballot position will be determined by the first name of your hyphenated last name.

2021 Alphabet Randomization

2021 Alphabet Randomization

Watch the Web Meeting of the NM Alphabet Randominzation

Upcoming Elections

Regular Local Elections: November 2, 2021

Special Elections: February 16, 2021        Clovis Municipal School District   ·   West Las Vegas Municipal School District No. 1   ·    Lordsburg Municipal School District   ·   Cobre Consolidated School District   ·   Floyd Municipal School District No. 5   ·  Portales Municipal School District No. 1

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