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2020 New Mexico Public Financing Information

New Mexico Public Financing for the 2020 Election Cycle

The Voter Action Act (VAA) provides individuals seeking candidacy for covered offices with an opportunity to apply for public funds to finance the candidate’s campaign.  The funds are held by the state treasury in the Public Election Fund and disbursed to candidates once they are certified by the Office of the Secretary of State (SOS).

Candidates for the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) and statewide judicial offices (New Mexico Supreme Court Justice and Court of Appeals Judge) are eligible to apply for public financing under the VAA. The VAA specifically excludes judicial retention elections from public financing.

The following covered offices are eligible to apply for public financing in the 2020 election cycle:

  1. Supreme Court Justice – Position 1
  2. Supreme Court Justice – Position 2
  3. Court of Appeals – Position 1
  4. Public Regulation Commissioner – District 1
  5. Public Regulation Commissioner – District 3

Participation in public financing is optional, however, candidates that opt to participate are required to follow the application process prescribed by the SOS in order to meet all requirements for certification as set forth in the VAA.

Certification Process

Upon receipt of a final submittal of qualifying contributions by an applicant candidate, the SOS shall determine from the applicant candidate’s statement whether the applicant candidate has:

  1. signed and filed a declaration of intent to obtain financing pursuant to the Voter Action Act in accordance with the requirements of that act;
  2. collected and submitted the appropriate number of qualifying contributions after filing a declaration of intent;
  3. met the qualifications to be a candidate pursuant to other applicable state election law;
  4. complied with contribution and expenditure restrictions; and
  5. otherwise met the requirements for obtaining financing pursuant to the Voter Action Act.

Our office will happily assist applicant candidates and their campaign committees with the certification process for public financing. The New Mexico Public Financing Guide for the 2020 Election Cycle will be available on August 30, 2019.  If you are pursuing public financing, we strongly suggest you review both the VAA and the New Mexico Public Financing Guide for the 2020 Election Cycle before beginning the process.

If you are an interested candidate you must begin by submitting the 2020 Applicant Candidate Declaration of Intent to the SOS. Prior to accepting contributions of more than $100 from any one contributor, please reference NMSA 1978, Section 1-19A-3(D).

For further information, please contact the ethics staff of the Bureau of Elections:

New Mexico Bureau of Elections – Ethics Staff
Telephone: (505) 827-3600 / (800) 477-3632

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